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I recently had an episode of some bad neck pain which just wouldn’t go away. I visited two physios in the city which were recommended to me by Bupa and saw absolutely no results. Thankfully I eventually found Joseph who I thought was not only the best Physio I have ever come across in the UK but also better than any other I have visited in Australia where I am originally from.

Joseph started by asking me a lot of questions and after careful analysis about my posture and lifestyle, he made suggestions on small changes I could make to avoid injuring myself again. I thought I had good posture and never realised that small things I was going were actually doing damage but they were.

Best of all, the actual treatment received from Joseph in the form a painful but very useful massage basically “fixed my neck”. So not only did he make my neck pain go away with his hands but his advice about adjustments to my posture was priceless as I’ve never experienced such pain since



Cant recommend enough. Joe gets me diagnosed correctly and back training fast. His knowledge of the human anatomy is mind blowing to me and I study Biomedicine. Thanks for everything Joe!



I hurt my back in the gym, doing barbell training. Joe helped me understand why it happened and how to avoid it recurring, without resorting to invasive medical treatment. Joe’s holistic approach resulted in me being able to continue to train, and I can do so with confidence, knowing that I have a good technique that doesn’t result in further injuries.



Fantastic and knowledgable physio, can’t fault Joseph O’Connor or thank him enough for aiding my speedy recovery. Relating my rehab to specific sport/movement patterns to strengthen areas for injury prevention.

Highly recommend to anyone serious about coming back from injury sport/non-sport related.



I first went to see Joe O’Connor at the beginning of this year when I was diagnosed with a Grade 1 Spondylolisthesis, the prognosis did not look good with an operation at the end of the short list of “cures”. After trying the Epidural Injection that gave me some relief for around 2 weeks I decided to visit Joe on a Physiotherapy basis.

After only 2 weeks the pain was so much better, this being down to Joe changing my life style altogether – he changed the way I sat, walked and held my posture, he even looked at my place of work where I sat and suggested a few minor changes to my desk arrangement. By the end of February I was back to my old self, pain free but still with his words in my head when I was sitting etc.

I know this is not a cure as such because the Spondylolisthesis is still with me but I am controlling this and if I feel anytime that I should see Joe for some minor treatment I do not hesitate to make an appointment.

I can only thank him for giving me back my life and helping me to avoid a major operation on my back.



If you want a great physio who understands weightlifting and strength sports, Joseph O’Connor is your man! Honestly couldn’t recommend him more highly.



I sought Joe’s help after discovering I had a shoulder impingement during a shoulder warm up exercise.

This is where Forge Physio really comes into its own: we were able to concentrate on strict scapular control through ring rows, floor press, assisted pull ups etc. Joe’s intimate knowledge of Crossfit meant that he could adjust my movements on snatches, cleans and presses as well.

Instead of being told to stop doing the movements that aggravate my shoulder, I’m being actively assisted and trained to do the movements in a controlled and pain-free manner.