I recently had an episode of some bad neck pain which just wouldn’t go away. I visited two physios in the city which were recommended to me by Bupa and saw absolutely no results. Thankfully I eventually found Joseph who I thought was not only the best Physio I have ever come across in the UK but also better than any other I have visited in Australia where I am originally from.

Joseph started by asking me a lot of questions and after careful analysis about my posture and lifestyle, he made suggestions on small changes I could make to avoid injuring myself again. I thought I had good posture and never realised that small things I was going were actually doing damage but they were.

Best of all, the actual treatment received from Joseph in the form a painful but very useful massage basically “fixed my neck”. So not only did he make my neck pain go away with his hands but his advice about adjustments to my posture was priceless as I’ve never experienced such pain since