I first went to see Joe O’Connor at the beginning of this year when I was diagnosed with a Grade 1 Spondylolisthesis, the prognosis did not look good with an operation at the end of the short list of “cures”.  After trying the Epidural Injection that gave me some relief for around 2 weeks I decided to visit Joe on a Physiotherapy basis.

After only 2 weeks the pain was so much better, this being down to Joe changing my life style altogether – he changed the way I sat, walked and held my posture, he even looked at my place of work where I sat and suggested a few minor changes to my desk arrangement.  By the end of February I was back to my old self, pain free but still with his words in my head when I was sitting etc.

I know this is not a cure as such because the Spondylolisthesis is still with me but I am controlling this and if I feel anytime that I should see Joe for some minor treatment I do not hesitate to make an appointment.

I can only thank him for giving me back my life and helping me to avoid a major operation on my back.